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Block Paving - Block Paving - An Introduction to Block and Brick Paving This page acts as the main link page for all the pages dealing with block paving, brick paviors, CBPs, monoblocks, cobblelock or whatever name is used in your part of the world for individual blocks of concrete or clay that are laid as a paving material.

Block Paving - An Introduction to Block and Brick Paving ... IntroductionTypes of Blocks and BricksLaying MethodsMaintenancePricesThis page gives an overviews of concrete block paving while the following, linked pages consider various types of blocks and pavers, alternative construction methods, how to select the most appropriate block for any project, edge courses, kerbs and pattern establishment. Use the links provided to learn more about the various aspects of this fantastically versatile paving material. See full list on

Block paving construction flowchart | Pavingexpert A flowchart guide to laying flexible block paving. Welcome to the new-look pavingexpert website! You may be a first time visitor or someone familiar with the old website which served well for 20-odd years but a new decade needs a more responsive design and simpler navigation.

Block Paving Refurbishment - Remedial Works | Pavingexpert Home / Installation Topics / Refurbishment of a block paved driveway / Block Paving Refurbishment - Remedial Works Block Paving Refurbishment - Remedial Works This fourth part of the Driveway Refurbishment Project looks at how basic remedial works, including the fixing of a low spot in the paving, can be carried out.

Block Paving - Detailing | Pavingexpert Block paving is without a doubt one of the most attractive looking paving surfaces that can be used, but in large swathes, it can lose itself, become over-bearing and bland, almost. We find that large areas of block paving can be visually enhanced by inserting patterns and features within the paving.

Should you seal Block Paving? – se landscape construction Ltd should-you-seal-block-paving There are many reasons why it is considered a good idea to seal your block paved driveway or patio. The obvious advantage is that a good quality sealer will protect your paving from the elements and ensure that the investment you made in your property lasts long into the future; increasing your properties value as a ...

Block paving digging depth ? | Screwfix Community Forum Apr 28, 2019 · Dig the area out to 250mm, you’ll have a 60mm? Block paving leaving 190mm. 20-30mm of sand (it doesn’t need 2 inch of sand, the more sand you have the more it is likely to sink. It’s there to sort of cushion the blocks not be used as a strong sub base) 160mm of Mot type 1, do this in two layers, Wacker between.

Block Paving Quotes — MoneySavingExpert Forum May 15, 2005 · Rip off block pavers were being discussed on a consumer programme today (Stephen Rhodes on BBC 3 Counties Radio) and one elderly caller had problems getting the workman back to fix her broken drains – turned out that she and her neighbour had both paid £7000 for their block paved drives, not bad for one weeks work!

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Should the blocks in a block paving drive move? - Page 1 ... Every paving query should be pointed to Pavingexpert. If the main area has remained level ot sunk, there's no harm in re-sanding that for now when it's dry - it's dirt cheap to do and will ...