Arts & Crafts

 Students are taught drawing, painting, water colour techniques, still-life composition and charcoal-based art work. The school has taken the initiative of providing exclusive training to the students in Folk Art, Madhubani and Warli. In fact, it is the only school in Chennai currently, to cater to this segment which is a unique distinction.

Visual Arts

 A special feature that deserves mention is that the theory pertaining to dance acquired by a professional through years of dedicated practice is imparted to the students right from UKG onwards. At each step, dance thus becomes a thrilling discovery and the possibilities seem endless.


The school provides in-depth training to the students in music. Children are encouraged to participate in a host of competitions and have consistently won innumerable laurels by their mellifluous renderings. The musical maestros of Kalalaya showcase their talents during the Tyagaraja Aradhana celebrated in the school..

 Smart Boards

Smart boards have been installed to make the teaching learning process more vibrant, interesting, interactive and enthusiastic. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled.

 STEM Robotics Lab has promoted hands on   conceptual learning in children from classes III   to IX.We are following  a structured curriculum.
Google For Education
Our senior classes are given assignments by their teachers using the Google For Education platform. This is a tool to share and disseminate paperless assignments /  study materials in an organised manner.