The School Climate

The climate of the school is such that they move about the school without fear, with confidence and ease and communicate with one another even when within the hearing range of the teachers.

Technology - Aided Communication & Security System

All communication and key information will be posted in the web site www.sirsivaswamikalalaya.org.
SMS services are extended to parents at the time of emergencies.

CC TV Camera

CC TV cameras have been installed at all key locations in and around the school as per the Government order.
Counselling Service

The school has a full time Health & Wellness teacher to discuss issues/ concerns that may be faced by the parents / students. 
Educational Visits

Students are taken regularly on field trips and educational tours, mostly coinciding with the curricular content. It obviously helps in learning beyond the classroom.

The students of Kalalaya can avail of creche facility. It provides lunch facility to students at a nominal cost.
The school has a well-stocked, air conditioned library which is constantly being upgraded and managed by a qualified  librarian.